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Getting started

In this category you will find a series of guides related to altering, and even adding new, suits for Hitman: World of Assassination. These guides are presented in order of beginner to expert, starting with simple retexturing jobs, escalating to swapping different parts, to editing parts in Blender and introducing them to Glacier 2 as entirely new models, and going into how to make a suit addon mod for The Peacock Project, meaning your custom suit will be added to the game, and not replace any existing suits.

We recommend that you start at the beginning and work your way up, as the early guides have tips for best practices and good habits to form, and the later guides will assume that you have a good grasp of the fundamentals.


This is a list of tools that are essential for any kind of Hitman modding. The tutorials will assume you have them installed and will ask you to make frequent use of them.

  • RPKG Tool
  • Simple Mod Framework
    • It is prudent to enable developer mode in SMF by going to More information and clicking Enable developer mode.
  • GlacierKit
    • GlacierKit should automatically detect your Hitman installation. Double-check this in the settings (the gear button), if you have multiple installations you can select which one to work with here.
  • TonyTools
  • A program to read and edit JSON files (VSCode is recommended, but any basic code editor will suffice. GlacierKit can also handle JSON files if you can't bother downloading anything else.)
  • A program to extract and archive ZIP files (such as 7-Zip)