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Glacier 2 Blender Add-on

The Glacier 2 Blender Add-on allows importing and exporting various Glacier 2 file formats (Only supports exporting to PRIM at the moment).



Supported Titles and Features

The following games are supported by this addon:

  • Hitman 2016
  • Hitman 2
  • Hitman 3

The addon supports the following formats:

ExtensionDescriptionCan importCan export
.primStandard RenderPrimitiveYesYes
.weightedprimWeighted RenderPrimitiveYesNo
.linkedprimLinked RenderPrimitiveYesNo

Support for more formats or titles may be added in the future


  • Blender 3.0.0 or above


  • PawREP

    • For making the original .prim editing tool known as PrimIO that was used as a reference.
  • Khronos Group

    • For making glTF-Blender-IO that was used as a reference addon.