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Font replacement



This tutorial assumes that you already know how to use the RPKG Tool and Simple Mod Framework. The Basic Retexture tutorial is a good place to start if you don't.

Extracting the font GFX file

The game has multiple font GFX files. For this tutorial we will be modifying [assembly:/ui/fonts/fonts_en.swf].pc_swf which has the hash 00B8A5288E3707E1.GFXF.

Once you find the font resource in the game right click it and choose the "Extract GFXF files from GFXF" option.

Screenshot showing RPKG Tool's context menu for GFXF files

A GFXF folder should be generated in the output path that you choose. Navigate through the folders until you find the font GFX file. In this case it is named: 00B8A5288E3707E1.GFXF.GFX.

Modifying the font GFX file

  1. Open the font GFX file in JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler. You should see a list of fonts on the left side of the window under the "Fonts" folder.

  1. Select the font that you wish to replace and highlight all of the characters on the right side and copy them to the clipboard.

  1. Paste the characters into the "Add characters" field, select a source font and then hit "Ok".

  1. You will get this warning, just hit "Yes to all".

  1. You will then get this warning, just hit "Yes" again.

  1. You should now notice that the font characters have been replaced.

  1. Click "Save" under the File tab at the top of the program.

  2. You can now close JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.

Rebuilding the font GFX file

Now you can head back into the RPKG Tool and use the "Rebuild Scaleform GFX/DDS/TGA (GFXF) From Folder" option in the Rebuild menu. Select the GFXF root folder that was generated earlier. You'll now have a "GFXF.rebuilt" folder next to the "00B8A5288E3707E1.GFXF.GFX" file if everything went right. You should be able to find a file named "00B8A5288E3707E1.GFXF" inside of it. You can copy this file into your Simple Mod Framework mod.