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Rebuild files

The Rebuilt options allows you rebuilt folder containing previously (mass) exported files back into a native format in a RPKG. This allows you to import these files into the game.

The prompt will ask you to select a folder containing the assets. Keep in mind that the folder selected here should be the parent folder of all the assets. Assuming you previously mass extracted files to C:\Hitman 3\Extracted\TEXT\chunk7.rpkg the folder that should be selected now when rebuilding is Extracted. For the files to be properly rebuild the original metas folder needs to be present. After a folder, the tool will go through all subfolders and convert the assets back into their native format. These will be stored in a REBUILT subfolder. The converted assets will also be repacked into RPKG(s) which will be stored in a newly created RPKGS folder in the root folder.

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