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The RPKG tool in action.

New in v2.29.0

Released 10th March 2023

New Features

  • Support for Hitman 2016 Alpha, Beta and Steam RPKGs.
  • .meta.json files can be used instead of .meta when generating RPKGs.(.meta is still the default for now since otherwise this would have been a breaking change)
  • Added a "hash_path" field in meta.json which is just cosmetic and doesn't have any function at the moment.

Released 27th February 2023

New Features

  • Added the ability to select a search 'category' on a per search item/term basis in Deep Search for entities.
    • The categories include:
      • ALL
      • tempHash (or IOI Path of)
      • tbluHash (or IOI Path of)
      • rootEntity
      • entities
      • propertyOverrides
      • overrideDeletes
      • pinConnectionOverrides
      • pinConnectionOverrideDeletes
      • externalScenes
      • subType
      • extraFactoryDependencies
      • extraBlueprintDependencies
      • comments
  • Added 'Restrict Results To Selected RPKG' to the Entity Deep Search which can be enabled when you select a specific RPKG to search through. When enabled it will not display results if a given entity's 'latest hash' (current, game used) resides in another RPKG file than the specific one chosen.
  • Added a new 'Save All Search Results To JSON File' feature/button that shows up after an Entity Deep Search in completed or stopped and allows you to export the search terms and results into a single output JSON file.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where '_' was not being properly displayed in the regex validity error message when trying to Entity Deep Search with invalid regex.
  • Fixed an issue caused by the last update (with multi-searches and regex) that resulted in some searches for entity ids not being displayed properly even if they were actually found.

Released 23rd February 2023

  • RPKG
    • ASVA (Animation Set Variation) extracting and rebuilding support.
    • Extract to latest hash function (-extract_latest_hash).
    • Updated DLGE's language list to match Hitman 3.
    • Entity to QN JSON upgraded to QN v3.1.
  • GUI
    • Updated deep search for entity searching:
      • Entity Deep Search can now search with multiple strings, using AND / OR logic, and each of the strings can be either a normal search string or a regex string, both being case insensitive by default.
    • Fix default output folder when extracting asva.json, material.json and entity.json.
    • Support for extracting ENUM resources to RT JSON.

Released 27th January 2023

  • RPKG
    • Material (MATI/MATT/MATB) Extraction and rebuilding to and from Material JSON files (*.material.json).
      • Two new functions:
        • -extract_material_to_json (extracts Material (MATI/MATT/MATB) resources into a unified Material JSON file).
        • -json_to_material (converts Material JSON files into MATI/MATT/MATB files with their respective .meta files).
          • Added to the Rebuild menu in the GUI the option:
          • Rebuild Material JSON File(s) To MATI/MATT/MATB Files (which lets you rebuild single *.material.json files or folders (recursive) containing such to MATI/MATT/MATB files with their respective .meta files).
  • GUI
    • Brick Editor is now read only due to QuickEntity and QuickEntity Editor superseding it.
    • Hash calculator now searches loaded RPKGs along with the Hash List.
      • The three results are now:
        • "Found in hash list".
        • "Not found in hash list".
        • "(NEW) Found in game, not in hash list".
  • CLI
    • Removed -dev_extract_all_strings dev command.

Released 5th October 2022

  • RPKG
    • Updated WWEM function.
    • Clarify the QN version that RPKG currently extracts to.
    • Updated all URLs to the new domain (
  • GUI
    • Allow loading multiple RPKG folders (May cause some functions that depend on latest hashes to break like extracting QN).
    • Add BOXC to the resource type filter (Not really sure how this was missing before).
  • CLI
    • Fixed -dev_hash_list_percent_found dev command.

Released 11th August 2022

  • RPKG
    • RPKGs import 8-10x faster.
    • Support for extracting and rebuilding MRTR.
  • GUI
    • Added right click support to GFXF resources for extracting GFx (Scaleform) + embedded texture files.
    • Hashes not found within the hash list will now show up in search results.
    • Hex viewer is faster.
    • All treeviews and main textboxes can be zoomed in and out by holding Ctrl + Scrolling.

Released 20th July 2022

  • GUI
    • Repository (REPO) Editor
      • Lets you edit a given REPO item's JSON in a syntax highlighted JSON editor or in a Visual Editor
      • Lists the the hash details (REPO item's with Runtimes)
      • Lets you easily extract any Runtime REPO item to QN (QuickEntity) JSON
      • Shows you the images of a given REPO item, both Runtime REPO items and NPCs (if using the Offline Image Pack mod)
    • Deep Searching Entities and Localization
      • Any/All loaded RPKGs will have their Entities (TEMP/TBLU) searched for a given entityId or entityName and display the RPKG/TEMP found, along with the accompanying subEntity data
      • Any/All loaded RPKGs will have their localizations (DLGE, LOCR, RTLV) searched for a given CRC32 value or string and display the RPKG/DLGE/LOCR/RTLV found, along with the accompanying CRC32 and string for the found entry
    • LINE hash details now display the LINE's corresponding CRC32 value and LOCR-linked language strings
    • Dependency View đź’€
  • Sound Definition (SDEF) Extraction And Rebuilding to and from SDEF JSON files.
    • CLI
      • -extract_sdef_to_json - Extracts SDEF file(s)/resources to SDEF JSON files.
      • -sdef_to_json - Converts SDEF files (and their .meta files) into SDEF JSON files.
      • -json_to_sdef - Converts SDEF JSON files into SDEF files (and their .meta files).
    • GUI
      • -Convert Single SDEF (+.SDEF.meta) file To SDEF JSON file.
      • -Convert Single SDEF JSON file To SDEF (+.SDEF.meta) file.
      • -Mass Convert SDEF (+.SDEF.meta) files To SDEF JSON files.
      • -Mass Convert SDEF JSON files To SDEF (+.SDEF.meta) files.

Released 9th July 2022

  • RPKG
    • Material (MATI) Extraction And Rebuilding to and from MATI JSON files.
  • CLI
    • -extract_mati_to_json - Extracts MATI file(s)/resources to MATI JSON files.
    • -mati_to_json - Converts MATI files (and their .meta files) into MATI JSON files.
    • -json_to_mati - Converts MATI JSON files into MATI files (and their .meta files).
  • GUI
    • Material (MATI):
      • Convert Single MATI (+.MATI.meta) file To MATI JSON file.
      • Convert Single MATI JSON file To MATI (+.MATI.meta) file.
      • Mass Convert MATI (+.MATI.meta) files To MATI JSON files.
      • Mass Convert MATI JSON files To MATI (+.MATI.meta) files.
    • Ability to filter by TYPE in the search tab.
    • Clarify brick editor menu item labels (Thanks atampy25).

Released 25th May 2022

  • GUI
    • Hash Calculator no longer blocks access to other windows.
  • RPKG
    • ResourceLib
      • Update ResourceLib for HITMAN 3

Released 5th April 2022

  • RPKG
    • Fixed WWEM/WWES extraction1:
      • Fixed issue where the output file names were not correct.
      • Fixed issue with some output paths being too long and exceeding the windows path length limit by removing extract folders for 'unknown' paths.
      • Cleaned up the output such that only .ogg files are now output instead of having .wem, *.ogg, the meta files, and the 'dummy' files having the hash file names in them, so a total of a 4x reduction in the numbers of files output.
    • No longer extracts ORES hash meta files (example: lists.json_00B7C0E06A8B062A.JSON).

1. If WWEM/WWES extraction still fails, you are most likely hitting Windows' character limit for paths, please try extracting to the root directory of your drive instead.

Released 28th March 2022

  • GUI
    • Updated Discord Logo.
  • CLI
    • Add TEMP/TBLU support to "-extract_to_rt_json"
  • RPKG
    • Change ORES Extraction Method1.
    • Upgraded ResourceLib from v2 to v3.
    • Add success logs to hash meta commands.

1. Changed the ORES extraction method and removed its reliance upon the hash list and instead pulls all the data necessary to extract the ORES files from the "latest" ORES hash file.

Released 10th February 2022

  • GUI
    • Fixed right click context menu for screens with custom DPI scaling.
    • Added an extract to RT (ResourceTool) JSON function for files that RT has support for.
  • CLI
    • Added "-extract_to_rt_json" for the new extract to RT JSON function.
    • Added "-generate_rpkg_quickly_from" command which uses standard LZ4 compression instead of LZ4HC.
    • Updated the output messages that "-latest_hash" produces.
  • RPKG
    • QuickEntity JSONs are not prettified anymore to help 3rd party tools read them faster.

Released 23rd January 2022

  • GUI
    • Added QN output to right click menu for TEMP hashes.
    • Added GUI implementation for the Map export and import functions/features.
  • CLI
    • Added QN (QuickEntity) JSON output via new function -extract_entity_to_qn for one or more TEMP hashes specified by -filter.
    • Added Map Import functionality via new function -import_map which pulls in the data from the map's Godot v4 project files and generates QN (QuickEntity) JSON files (entity or patch).
    • Map Export functionality -export_map that exports Hitman maps to a folder containing all that map's PRIM resources as GLB files (non-textured) and produces scene and project files to allow editing with both Godot v4.
    • General cleanup of the console output so that there is less spam.
  • RPKG

    • Fixed the WWES extraction function so it works with the new WWES paths.
    • Update enums for H3 v3.100.0 (Thanks AnthonyFuller).
  • Map Editing caveats:

    • You must use Godot v4 (Godot v3 will not work) which you can grab from here: Update:
    • When clicking on an entity Godot will most likely freeze for a short period of time (Depending on how many entities are in the map and also your computer's specs) and you'll have to manually select the root entity in the tree view once Godot has recovered. If you do not select the root entity manually you'll be moving the wrong thing most likely.
    • If you wish to add/delete entities you will need to do that in QuickEntity Editor and then deploy your changes to the game with the framework and then export the map again and then open it in Godot.

Released 5th January 2022

  • GUI
    • Less redundant hash list update message.
    • 3D Viewer
      • Removed camera culling.
    • Image Viewer
      • Image viewer now only loads when you click it.
    • Brick Editor
      • Fix underscores in entity and property names.
      • Improve formatting of property names.
      • Usage of TextBlocks instead of TextBoxes for uneditable fields.
  • CLI
    • New commands
      • -extract_from_rpkgs (Used to mass extract files from all RPKGs in a folder, can be used with filters).
      • -extract_non_base_hash_depends_from (Non-base chunk recursive extraction of hash depends command).
      • -latest_hash (Finds what RPKG file the latest/game used hash is in).
      • -extract_prim_textured_from (Extracts PRIM models with diffuse and normal textures to single GLB files).
      • -dev_hash_list_percent_found (Calculates the number of hashes in the list that are 'right').
  • RPKG
    • Fix WWES/WWEM paths from getting cut off when extracting them if they contain parameters in their paths.
    • Models now get rebuilt correctly (No more spikes!).
  • Experimental
    • New map export function (experimental) -export_map that exports Hitman maps to a folder containing all that map's PRIM resources as GLB files (non-textured) and produces scene and project files to allow editing with both Godot v3 and v4.
    • New map export function (experimental) -export_map_textured that exports Hitman maps to a folder containing all that map's PRIM resources as GLB files (textured) and produces scene and project files to allow editing with both Godot v3 and v4. Some maps with textures fully loaded can cause Godot to crash due to insufficient memory available. This function is better used on smaller maps or custom entities/bricks.
    • New map import function will be coming soon in a future reason, which will be called -import_map and it will process any changes you have made to the map in Godot and compare those changes to the 'vanilla' map per the game's TEMP/TBLU files and produce output TEMP/TBLU/JSON/RPKG files with those changes in them.

Technical information regarding the model rebuilding fix:

IOI are using single bytes for weights which only represent a maximum of 256 possible float values. Weight values are now shifted to their nearest 8-bit counterpart and as a whole they are normalised, etc.

Here is an image showcasing the fix:

Comparision between models

Released 14th November 2021

  • GUI
    • Hash Calculator
      • Fixed previous hash calculations showing up when copying new ones to the clipboard
      • Removed unnecessary exit button
      • Moved to the Utilities menu
      • Improve resizing behaviour and add minimum width
  • RPKG
    • Package Definition/Thumbs Decryption & Encryption
      • Removed the need of meta files for encrypting
      • Fixed encryption of files by calculating the checksum
      • Added checksum check on decryption of files
    • ResourceLib
      • Update ResourceLib for HITMAN 3
      • Relicense everything under the LGPL.
      • Improve ResourceLib performance and accuracy of JSON generation.
      • Improve ResourceLib performance and accuracy of JSON parsing.
      • Fix an issue where generated resources could cause the game to exhibit weird behavior.
      • Introduce support for generating "compatible" resources to ResourceLib (find more info on the ZHMTools release page).

Released 8 October 2021

  • GUI:
    • Brick editor:
      • Fixed an issue with recursive brick editing that caused all recursive TEMPs to be placed into their own root nodes.
      • Fixed entity id parents so they now display the correct id now.
  • RPKG:
    • Add appropriate license for silk icon set.

Released 7 October 2021

  • Hotfix for v2.17.0:
    • GUI:
      • Fixed recursive brick editing.

Released 7 October 2021

  • GUI:
    • Fix color picker for locales with commas as decimal separator.
    • Update the hash list update message.
    • Remove useless warnings.
    • Hash Calculator:
      • Add save to clipboard feature.
      • Made said feature faster.
      • Made said feature not return bogus results.
    • Brick editor:
      • Add icons.
      • Show node path below node tree.
      • Removed property data type labels.
      • Added format check to zguid.
      • Moved node tree operation buttons to a dropdown menu.
  • CLI:
    • Flush output stream in interactive mode.
    • Potentially breaking: Remove JSON scripting system.
    • Remove functionless dev_extract_all_entity_ids command.
  • RPKG:
    • Fix RTLV language count offset.
  • Build:
    • Don't include removed header files.
  • Fixed DLGE for HITMAN 2016.
  • Added support for HITMAN 3's new locale (LOCR) format (includes Japanese).

Released 1 August 2021

  • Updated ResourceLib:
    • Changelog:
      • Update ResourceLib for HITMAN 3
      • Add Hitman 2016 support to CodeGenLib and the CodeGen tool.
      • Add a new ResourceLib variant that supports Hitman 2016 (ResourceLib_HM2016).
      • Add Hitman 2016 support to ResourceTool.
      • Improve error output of ResourceLib / ResourceTool when resource generation fails.
  • Note: H2016 brick editing is not currently supported but the ResourceLib DLL is included in the download. This DLL can be safely deleted.
  • Updated enums to match ResourceLib (for brick editor).
  • LOCR/RTLV support for the latest H3 update.
    • Note: DLGE will currently show the incorrect language identifiers but this doesn't affect functionality.
  • Made details, hex viewer & JSON viewer read only.
  • Fixed a bug where the image viewer can crash the GUI.
  • Fixed a bug where certain LOCR would crash the program (Inconsistent IOI).
  • Added a -licenses command to RPKG CLI.

Released 7 July 2021

  • Updated ResourceLib:
    • Changelog:
      • Added a shitload of new properties to ResourceLib (thanks Anthony Fuller).
    • Updated enums to match ResourceLib (for brick editor).
  • Added Hitman 2016 LOCR extraction and rebuilding.
  • RPKG CLI now loads the hash list from the folder the executable is in like RPKG GUI.

Released 3 July 2021

  • Refactored source code (thanks NoFaTe!)
    • Updated ResourceLib.
      • Changelog:
        • Update ResourceLib for HITMAN 3
        • Added a bunch of missing property names to ResourceLib (thanks Anthony Fuller).
    • From now on ResourceLib will not be bundled inside rpkg.exe to comply with the GPLv3 license. Instead, the latest release as of compilation is provided in the download, these DLLs need to be in the same directory as rpkg.exe.

Released 29 May 2021

  • Added the functionality to convert .meta files to .meta.JSON and vice versa for easy editing of hash dependencies.
    • GUI: See new "Utilities" menu.
    • CLI: -hash_meta_to_json and -json_to_hash_meta.

Released 27 May 2021

  • Revamped Discord Rich Presence integration.
  • Added Discord invite link for the Glacier² Modding server.
  • Fixed RPKG crashing when exiting if Discord Rich Presence was disabled.

Released 26 May 2021

  • Entity/Brick (TEMP/TBLU) Editor:
    • Converted to ZHMTools's ResourceLib for full H2 and H3 support.
    • Added a "Go" button for EntityIndex properties which takes you directly to the entity being referenced.
    • Added treeview entity (node) history so you can easily revisit entities (nodes) you were previously on.
    • Added JSON export feature that will output TEMP/TBLUs to prettified JSONs for any TEMPs that have been modified.
  • Added optional Discord Rich Presence (Off by default).
  • Fixed an issue that would cause RPKG to crash if the "InputFolder" property in "rpkg.json" was pointing to a deleted directory.

Released 21 May 2021

  • Updated ResourceTool by adding subEntities counts for generated TEMP and TBLU files to not only mimic IOI's TEMP and TBLU files, but to help RPKG with version checking.
  • Added a check for TEMP and TBLU mismatched subEntities counts when loading the Entity/Brick (TEMP/TBLU) Editor, and if mismatched a warning is displayed.
  • Added hash list checking in the Hash Calculator to let you know if a given hash is in the hash list or not.
  • Fixed an issue where TEMP and TBLU files which have a mismatched subEntities count would cause RPKG to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where RPKG would halt or crash due to blank/empty H2 RPKG files.

Released 20 May 2021

  • Entity/Brick (TEMP/TBLU) Editor:
    • Added Hitman 2 functionality to the Entity/Brick (TEMP/TBLU) Editor (by adding such functionality to ResourceTool).
    • Added the option to load the Entity/Brick (TEMP/TBLU) Editor in non-recursive mode.
    • Restored and moved the expand and collapse all nodes buttons in the Entity/Brick (TEMP/TBLU) Editor.
    • The Entity/Brick (TEMP/TBLU) Editor now allows editing of the TEMP's:
      • subEntities: propertyValues
      • subEntities: postInitPropertyValues
      • subEntities: platformSpecificPropertyValues
      • subType
      • blueprintIndexInResourceHeader
      • rootEntityIndex
      • propertyOverrides
      • externalSceneTypeIndicesInResourceHeader
  • Implemented a single progress window/bar when importing all the RPKGs in a folder.
  • Added multi-line IOI hash calculator function in the GUI.

Released 19 May 2021

  • Entity/Brick (TEMP/TBLU) Editor:
    • ResourceTool implementation for the Brick Editor which allows full rebuilding (Adding/removing entities coming soon).
    • Generating RPKGs/Saving TEMPs will now only use one single output folder per RPKG base chunk name, instead of splitting files into chunk* and chunk*patch* folders.
    • Implemented a proper progress bar when the TEMP/TBLU files are being recursively loaded.

Released 12 May 2021

  • Significantly improved search result speeds and also added 20k, 50k and 100k search options.

Released 11 May 2021

  • Fixed a texture color issue involving the extraction and rebuilding of BC7 (0x5A) type textures.
  • Fixed an issue where the hash depends button wasn't working properly on hashes found via the search function.

Released 10 May 2021

  • Transitioned to a higher performance treeview for the main RPKG GUI.
  • Fixed an issue with the TEMP editor that caused some TEMPs to not load properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the hash depends editor that caused RPKGs with multiple hashes to become malformed.

Released 10 May 2021

  • GUI and CLI
    • Recursive hash dependency extraction
      • -extract_all_hash_depends_from and -extract_all_hash_depends_prim_models_from
    • Direct hashes only dependency extraction
      • -extract_direct_hash_depends_from and -extract_direct_hash_depends_prim_models_from
  • GUI
    • Hash dependency editor
    • Patch archive deletion list editor
  • Changed -extract_direct_hash_depends to -extract_direct_hash_depends_from for uniformity.

Released 29 April 2021

  • HITMAN 3 export Models + Textures linked to a TEMP:
    • GUI:
      • Exporting:
        • Right click a TEMP hash and select "Extract PRIM Models Linked To 00123456789ABCDE.TEMP to GLB/TGA file(s)".
      • Reimporting:
        • Rebuild menu: "Rebuild Primitive Models (PRIM/TEXT/TEXD) From Folder" (RPKG(s) archive(s) will also automatically generate).
    • CLI:
      • -extract_all_prim_model_of_temp_from and -rebuild_prim_model_in.
  • Added error handling to the GUI when rebuilding PRIMs.
  • Added interactive mode to rpkg-cli which can be access using the -i argument.

Released 28 April 2021

  • HITMAN 3 Model (PRIM) exporting (Bones will also export but changes won't be reimported) and reimporting with/or without textures:
    • GUI:
      • Exporting:
        • Right click a PRIM hash and select "Extract 00123456789ABCDE.PRIM model to GLB/TGA file(s)".
      • Reimporting
        • Rebuild menu: "Rebuild Primitive Models (PRIM/TEXT/TEXD) From Folder" (RPKG(s) archive(s) will also automatically generate).
    • CLI:
      • With textures included:
        • -extract_prim_model_from and -rebuild_prim_model_in.
      • Models only:
        • -extract_prim_from and -rebuild_prim_in.
  • Details Tab:
    • Reverse hash dependencies will appear now.

  • Notes about model modding (Please read)
    • Must use Blender and export to the glTF 2.0 GLB format.
    • Do not rename any of the meshes.
    • You can remove the LOD meshes if you wish to rebuild the model without them.
    • New meshes must match the original mesh names and you can not add any extra.
    • Specific export settings needed for models with bones:
      • Untick "+Y Up" under the Transform category and make sure "Include All Bone Influences" is ticked under the Animation category.

Released 18 April 2021

  • HITMAN 3 Texture exporting and reimporting:
    • GUI:
      • Exporting:
        • Mass export or right click an individual TEXT hash.
      • Reimporting
        • Rebuild menu (RPKG(s) archive(s) will also automatically generate.)
      • Texture viewer for TEXT hashes.
    • CLI:
      • -extract_text_from, -extract_all_text_from and -rebuild_text_in
  • Brick Editor:
    • Search feature (Bricks will load slower initially now.)
  • Fixed bug with rebuilding GFXF files.

Released 8 April 2021

  • Brick Editor:
    • Multiple bricks now load if the main TEMP depends on them.
    • Recursive TEMP dependencies
      • Editor keeps track of what TEMPs you have edited.
    • H1 & H2 support for entity/brick (TEMP) editing.
    • Fixed ZString bug that caused strings with commas in them to crash RPKG.
  • Models (PRIM):
    • GLB exporting (glTF 2.0)
      • Either by right clicking a PRIM hash or right clicking a TEMP hash that has PRIM dependencies.
      • LODs are parsed and will only export the highest resolution ones.
      • No bone or texture support yet.
  • Added JSON viewer for JSON hashes.
  • Improved speed of loading RPKGs.

Released 21 March 2021

  • Implemented preliminary model (PRIM) viewer + exporter to OBJ models
    • -extract_prim_to_obj_from command in the CLI or you can use the GUI.
  • HITMAN 3:
    • Added: enum support for brick files.
    • Added: export all global entity coords to CSV file function.
  • Fixed hash depends showing duplicate hashes.

Released 19 March 2021

  • HITMAN 3: Implemented entity/brick (TEMP) file editing (accessed by right clicking on TEMP files.)
  • Added IOI paths to -hash_depends command line argument.
  • Fixed H1 issue again.

Released 6 March 2021

  • Fixed GFXF rebuilding if the size is different.
  • Fixed bug with Hitman 2016 RPKGs.

Released 3 March 2021

  • Added GFXF (Scaleform GFX) extraction and rebuilding
  • Fixed bug with archive generation in the GUI
  • New logo/icon thanks to Dribbleondo

Released 28 February 2021

  • Added an audio player for WWEM, WWES and WWEV hashes.
  • Added an image viewer for GFXI hashes.

Released 26 February 2021

  • Added new search GUI search feature where you can search through either:
    • The currently imported/loaded RPKGs
    • The hash list
  • Fixed an issue where the folder selection dialog appeared after clicking cancel on the right click popup menu.
  • Added a horizontal scroll bar to the Details section.
  • The hash details now displays the known IOI string for each known hash.
  • Added extra error outputs for the localization rebuilding functions when malformed JSONs are input.
  • Added patch archive deletion list for deleted hashes in the “Details” view for patch archives.

Released 23 February 2021

  • Added roughly 15k new hashes to the hash list thanks to grappigegovert.
  • Fixed issue with the -hash_probe function where output was duplicated when used with multiple filters.
  • Added new -extract_direct_hash_depends function that extracts direct depends to files and meta files.
  • Fixed issue with RPKG Details tab reporting the wrong number of hashes and total hash sizes for RPKGs.
  • Changed the default starting color theme to Dark/Red instead of Light/Blue.
  • Added natural sorting for the RPKG archives when importing by folder or mass extraction.

Released 22 February 2021

  • Completely rewritten, streamlined all the functions, bug fixes, etc…
  • Transformed rpkg into a shared solution consisting of a DLL and a CLI component/program + a WPF .NET Framework based GUI
  • GUI greatly extends the capabilities of rpkg:
    • Treeview: Resource and hash dependencies
    • Ability to see all details for a given hash, resource type or whole RPKG archive
    • Hex viewer
    • JSON viewer for localisation files containing strings (LOCR, DLGE and RTLV)
  • Implemented revorb.exe for WWEM/WWES and WWEV audio file extraction when extracting to OGG.
  • Implemented a master hash list that contains known hashes for all 3 of the HITMAN trilogy games.

Released 4 February 2021

  • Added extraction and rebuilding functionality for a variety of resources:
    • DLGE (Dialog subs) - Includes output specifying the WWES linked to the dialog
      • -extract_dlge_to_json_from
      • -rebuild_dlge_from_json_from
    • RTLV (Video subs)
      • -extract_rtlv_to_json_from
      • -rebuild_rtlv_from_json_from
  • Added extra meta file outputs when using WWES extraction mode.

Released 31 January 2021

  • Added rpkg.exe command JSON examples.
  • Fixed ORES extraction issue when no input filter was present.

Released 30 January 2021

  • Added filtering to the ORES WWEV and WWES extraction modes.
  • Implemented a new scripted command interface through the use of JSON files.
  • Enable the use of drag and drag for both RPKG and JSON files directly upon the exe, thereby allowing full control of rpkg.exe without command line interface use.

Released 29 January 2021

  • Added hash probe function (-hash_probe) that allows you to probe RPKG files for the existence of the hash file/resource and provides information.
  • Added an error message to indicate if a resource was not found when using the -filter function.

Released 28 January 2021

  • Added the ability to compute an IOI hash from an assembly string.
  • Added extraction and rebuilding functionality for a variety of resources:
    • WWEV (SFX) - (With partial IOI internal Wwise file paths / names)
    • LOCR (Localisation)
  • WWES (Dialog) extraction with full IOI internal Wwise file paths / names.
  • XTEA encryption/decryption for packagedefintion.txt / thumbs.dat

Released 25 January 2021

  • Fixed issue preventing perfect 1:1 repacking of previously unpacked RPKG files.

Released 25 January 2021

  • Added the ability to specify a desired output folder using -output_path.
  • Fixed an issue limiting importing RPKGs with under 100 hash files/resources.
  • Fixed ORES extraction issue.

Released 24 January 2021

  • Decreased the RPKG file import time by an order of magnitude.
  • Fixed issue related to handling multiple input filters.

Released 24 January 2021

  • Initial release.