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Visuals and Graphics

Lighting Ultimate
Team Mushroom

The DEFINITIVE lighting mod for HITMAN III. This mod significantly improves visual clarity, accessibility, and aesthetic choices. Eliminates arbitrary effects and filters, significantly reduces bloom, and makes critical changes to skyboxes and color correction.

Time Of Day Mod
Kevin Rudd and Kercyx

Changes maps to other times of day. Night Miami and Whittleton Creek? Daytime Hawke's Bay and Ambrose? So many more! This mod is periodically updated to include more maps/ToDs.


Reality Control

Tools for messing with the AI and with the world in general. The successor to AI Playground.


Bonfires where you can change your outfits have been set up in all WoA locations. Not including sniper maps.

Throwable Lock-On - Instinct Adjustments

Allows player to enable/disable melee lock on based on instinct usage.


Chongqing Noodle Massacre
Kevin Rudd and Piepieonline

A remake of The Seafood Massacre from Hitman: Contracts/Codename 47. New NPCs, outfits, Time of Day, map changes, unlisted Mission Stories.

Methlab - Cut Content
Kevin Rudd

Restores and upgrades the IO-made unfinished Sapienza side mission/ET known as "Methlab"

Freelancer Variations
Kevin Rudd, Piepieonline and Kercyx

Brings Bonus Missions, random times of day/weather and more to Freelancer. A must have!

Sandbox Hantu Port
Kevin Rudd and Kercyx

Converts sniper map Hantu Port (Singapore) into a fully functional sandbox map with all gameplay features you'd expect.

User Interface

Heritage UI
Burn The Witch

Improves HITMAN WOA's UI by looking to the past and present of the WOA trilogy.

Simple Health Bar

Adds a simple health bar to the left of the minimap.

Simple HUD Toggle

Adds a keybind (defaults to Ctrl + F2) which allows you to toggle the in-game HUD easily.


Misc Outfit Mesh and Texture fixes

Various mesh and texture fixes of 47 and NPC outfits.

The Killers' Tourist Outfit

Custom suit based on the outfit The Killer wears in the movie of the same name when incognito.

If You Know You Know replaces Lucky Ducky suit

Replaces the Lucky Ducky hoodie with a shirt IO used to sell showcasing many of their easter eggs in WoA.

Ryan Gosling (Drive) replaces Signature

Replaces the Signature Suit with The Driver we all know and love.


Portable Chair

Unleash the power of comfort with the Portable Chair Mod for HITMAN 3. As Agent 47, you can now carry a chair with you on your mission and take a well-deserved break whenever you desire. Immerse yourself in the game's surroundings and experience a new level of realism like never before.


Burn's Better Launcher (Steam Only)
Burn The Witch

A replacement launcher with Quality-of-Life features. Select between Retail or Peacock servers directly from the launcher, and open SMF. Also allows users to deploy mods and launch the game on their server of choice, making mod testing much more convenient. Also cleans up instances of Peacock when closing the game for a smoother experience.

Simple Key Event Helper (SKEH)

Adds a helper entitytemplate for mod developers who wish to add custom key bindings into their mod.


Keyboard Keypad Input

You can now use your keyboard to enter in values into the keypads found in the Hitman 3 maps.